The Wind Up

It was cold and lonely in the peeling banana colored room. Lance had been trying fruitlessly to bare seed for about an hour. He fell back on old trick he learned while playing short stop in high school. All he ever had to do was remember Cody Yuen’s tight sinewy ass as the boy wound up the pitch. Lance came soon enough. Amazingly, the trick helped his game too.

Lance’s potential children were given to the nurse. She smiled pleasantly and had no questions for him. Somewhere a couple would find hope in Lance. They would not be aware of the appalling lack of male nudes in the library or the amazingly powerful central air unit that made Lance’s handicraft all the more tasking. They would simply be happy with the spawn he provided. Lance tried to leave a message of bon voyage to his descendants but apparently that was a taboo.

He remembered the promised he made to dear old Dad. Technically this was a cheat, but a child is child. Lance was just hedging his bets anyways. It was just a measure to keep the Smith line around, even by another name. Lance did want a child but adoption seemed like a perfectly sound option. If that didn’t work there was always the costly option of surrogacy.

Lance opened the heavy door and left into the muddy beautiful rain of spring. Where Dad was was a question of theology and while Lance thought positively on the subject he knew he could not really knew. He knew Dad knew who he was and who his son was. Lance had an inkling that Dad knew before the son knew but that can’t be helped. Overall, Lance would have to be happy just to know that he knew Dad. On that note, a ping of remorse crossed Lance’s wet mind. Sometimes, dad’s don’t get to know.