Helen’s Stand Against The Tempest

As far as Helen was concerned, the world was comprised of people in houses and stores looking outward at the rain. They mocked Helen with their superior intellects and architecture. A fire burned in the girl as she entered into a bull stupid determination to get from point a to point b. Awnings were for the cowardly. Helen had places to go and graham crackers to buy, no time for fear.

She found herself singing at the rain just to show her spite. Her voice was such that it may have wounded the heavens. Evidence of this was clear and bright white right behind her. Although assailed, she did not relent. She sung loudly and she sung poorly. In her mind, she was approaching victory. In reality, she was only half way to the grocery. A mile to go, she sung “Onward Christian Solider” and marched in galoshes.

At least, she was prepared for battle unlike those poor bastards that were so deluded as to confuse a newspaper with an umbrella. Her fatigues were bright yellow and rubber. Her weapon was will and her enemy was second only to God in it’s sheer spectacle. In her mind, she was already hobnobbing with Leonidas and Davy Crockett in Valhalla. Oh the glory of it all!

As she reached the doors of the grocer they swung open. Wonder of wonder’s, they did the same the second time as well as the third and the fourth. A man stood behind her glaring sternly. She entered and beheld the old place with new eyes. Where once had been a chore, it was now a Mecca of food and sundries. She kept her eyes on the goal: the graham crackers. She soon had them and with the quarters taken from the change jar, there was victory.

Now all she had to do was survive till Armistice and peace. As she left the store, the rain retreated obviously realizing that hope was lost. She wondered if she could live in this new peaceful world. She wondered if her home was still there. Mostly, she wondered if Mom had missed her for the last two hours.