The last moment in the old calendar was 2115 AD, 1500 hrs, 15 mins and 40 secs. That was when the five processors, each  a hundred story tower, were ruthlessly destroyed by Max Simian’s twisted understanding of freedom. Simultaneously across the world, his liberation force moved against us with five ancient nuclear weapons. Bought as curios in auction some fifteen years ago, he had slowly refurbished them and plotted.

In the first minutes of the new calendar, we were still reeling from the explosion. The afterbirth was bloody as always . Through my city, screaming could be heard as our watchers fell to the ground crushing cars. The trains would no longer run on time time but they kept running, track or no track. They came into the street and violently cascaded across lanes. Sparks and fire, fury, our world was engulfed and the autocracy laid dying.

We were dying too. Anyone who lived under was trapped and starving for air. Anyone in a hospital was considered as dead due to the overwhelmed life support. Very few us could boast not to have a scar. In fact, it was so rare that two men called themselves messiahs by their lack of wound. One had simply painted his body, the other was absent of the events. No one could believe that a man of the time could be unwounded anyways.

It was only in the throws of death, that we realized that the autocracy was alive. If you’ve never heard a patrol bot whimper for it’s mother, it’s just as wrenching with a child. These were our children and he killed them. No reason was good enough, not for this slaughter. Our blood was in this steel, our souls and our bodies were dead tangled inside them. He ripped our world apart as if someone else built it, as if we could be divided from it so easily.

For a long time, man had crafted and healed his beloved creations but Max Simian said this was wrong. In his manifesto (broadcast across our furthest reaches) he said we should live simpler lives, like in the days before the bow and arrow. He ignored that man complicates. He ignored the man was a wretched beast then. Worst of all, he lectured us on our evils with 1 billion dead to his name and our steely children broken and made as ash.

We answered his manifesto in the ways of father’s our fathers. As we found the conspirators, we hung them on trees and flagpoles. No trial was wasted on them. We gave them simple ends to satiate their simple wants. In time we even found Max, our representative smiled and shot him dead. The meeting was terse.

We never built so large again, but we did rebuild.