The Man Who Saw

On a warm July day, Virgil stood staring through the masses on a busy downtown sidewalk. Confusion, horror and slight amounts of anger had congealed on Virgil’s face. His gaping maw was open large enough to fit a donut on its side. Melissa knew the face all too well. She made that same face some five years ago, it stuck there for four days. It could only mean one thing.

“You see them don’t you?”

“Sea cucumbers, giant land dwelling, sea cucumbers. They’re everywhere. How come no one’s screaming? How can no one notice them?”

“What’s happened is your filter has broken. People can only take so much in so their brains sort of edit out.”

“So I’m watching a deleted scene, that’s full of sea cucumbers who live on land.”

“If that helps you cope.”

“It really doesn’t. Maybe Valium would.”

“Just makes the sea cucumbers kinda plaid. Also breaks down your filter a bit more.”

Virgil noticed that the sea cucumbers had started to turn their focus to him. Soon they started to congress towards him and all he could do was slowly back away and turn. As he did, he saw more sea cucumbers creeping towards him. He did not scream in the face of giant sea cucumbers; that would be his epitaph.

“I think they can hear me.”

“They can actually sign too. They use their tentacles, it’s a bit gross.”

“Should we be running?”

“It’s okay, they can’t touch us. They can’t interact with our world.”

“So our visual frequencies overlap with their universe.”

“Yeah wow, that took me months to understand.”

“I read a lot of science fiction, my abilities to pull theories straight out of my ass is highly tuned.”

“On that note, don’t look at your naked ass until you’re ready. It’s a bit disconcerting.”

“Will I ever get use to this?”

“No, but you’ll find that it’s quite fun to ridicule all those silly people who can’t see sea cucumbers.”

“They are kinda funny. This might be the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Melissa laughed. “Shit, I just realized you can’t even see flying squids yet. What a noob.”

“Flying squids?”

Virgil had found his way into a brand new weird world. Yet, he was still a noob. The more things change, the more they stay the same. He squinted hard and was sure he could see the squids. Melissa laughed, knowingly, absurdly.