Last Sacred Curse


The d sounded as a cough and was followed by a quiet end. When Ted said damn it was the world. He could say fuck, shit and even cunt but damn meant it all went wrong. Damn was the last sacred curse to Ted and he kept as holy and untouched as he could. But damn, everything had gone wrong. It wasn’t enough to just break down, Ted had to go and break the law.

An armored car was stopped in the middle of the street. There were four security guards on the ground with well broken shins. On the sidewalk some eight paces from the car the back door hand landed with sizable dent in the surrounding cement. Ted was leaving slowly but unhindered by on lookers. Ted had bills to pay and a bullet in his shoulder.

He had tried to be gentle and to certain degree he was successful. Not one of the guards died. Horribly broken but bones tend to mend. There was no certainty that any one of the guards would fully recover but Ted could only care so much about those who weren’t his. Worry was a currency spread thin in multiple investments.

Despite, Ted’s strength he was always getting squeezed. This time it was about the money owed for Verna’s broken leg. Last time, it was to stop a guy from breaking Verna’s leg. Ted’s life would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic. The money was now gone, gone to crooks every buck but Ted would get his ten percent sure enough. You don’t put a guy like Ted in too tight of a corner. Risking your life on his ability to be rational was a losing wager.

He lumbered on northwards towards healing hands. The bullet hurt but Ted knew it would and nothing about it was surprising. He was able to relegate to the back of his mind where he kept dance steps he was too clumsy to perform. He thought of the waltz, creating a mental metronome and then a pace. The art of waltzing was amazingly just out of his grasp. He was born with two left feet and each could lift 200 pounds.

Dr. Hatim Gonzales MVD was smoking a cigarette outside The Cottage Home Animal Clinic. Out of a shrub he saw a lumbering beast emerge. He sighed realizing that Ted had of course, been shot. This was another lunch break he wasn’t getting back.

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  1. Carson Margedant
    Dec 08, 2010 @ 20:41:49

    Another story of Ted, why? Because I have like eight stories that involve the guy. He’s got his own category in fact.


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