Don’t You Hear My Call?

Dearest Cheryl,

I hope this letter finds you in good spirits. It’s just after harvest and I find I have time enough to write to you. I say that as if time was some rarity but without you it’s worth pennies. The sun rises and by it’s light I am reminded of your absence. It’s been ten years since I’ve known your touch. The land is nourished and the crops are plenty but as time goes on and on I am a remainder of my former self. Without you I can not sustain. I fear I will be all but dust soon.

The sun shines scarlet and it cast’s the sky into a pink hue. It’s your favorite color and it’s everywhere. With the sun up I can see the ocean in all it’s incredible splendor. The lord has seen fit to give me a great and bountiful hundred acres.My eyes behold corn taller than an eye can see. It’s good rich land and I can work it.

I can work with my hands Cheryl, my own God given hands. I till, I toil and I can even work on my tractor. There’s not a hint of rheumatism in me. He has blessed me with new youth. If you’d just come we could be young, alive, together under the warm red sun.

I know you must be perplexed. Your husband is most likely standing less than thirty feet from you as you read this. I swear upon the bible that I am he as well. Some ten years ago, I won a lottery, a secret lottery. My prize was a new body and the chance to settle a new land. This land is far away, stars away. It’s a whole new world Cheryl. I have a home here, good tilled land and a new lease on life. I want to share it with you again.

What you do is you walk in to the travel agency in town. You tell Bud that Tim finally wants to use that plus one. He’ll know immediately what you mean. He’ll take you back to what looks like an MRI machine, like they have at the Doctor Weiland’s. This contraption scans your mind. Later they’ll send a copy out towards me. Here across the galaxy, they’ll set you up with a new body. Everybody’s real friendly like that over here.

You probably realized by now that you don’t actually get to go anywhere. This does profit me more than you but to be fair, I need you. You need me and you have me. It’s only fair that I get you.

Sincerely Tim