Matt Sinclair’s Lesser Demons

Matt was down and hurting. He had taken the shin kick and that beautiful jab that exploded on his chin but a simple gut check put him down. Two minutes and forty seconds ago, Matt was watching a domestic dispute. She was small, he was big, they were loud and then he slapped her. Something in Matt turned to hero and he came running at the son of a bitch. Back to the future and Matt has regrets. Fourteen black and blue splotches painted his body from the inside out.

A pricey cross trainer came into Matt’s side. The shoe came knocking once and Matt winced. Twice it came knocking and Matt whimpered. Thrice and the shoe robbed Matt of a scream. Matt opened his eyes to find the woman gone. Matt was free to fight like he wanted to. Today’s beat down is brought down at the number 3. Three was the last knock this hulking bastard would get.

The letter of the day is A  is and A is for animal. An animal is what Matt prefers to be in moments of life and death. He grabbed the thick leg as it came in for a fourth hit. Matt bit down above the ankle and with much cursing the fight was on the ground. Matt was on top and whaling down with a third wind fueling him. There was a part of Matt that fell sorry for the guy but that part wasn’t big enough to stop him.

After about thirty seconds Matt noticed the big bad wolf had given up the fight. Wheezing like an old man, he didn’t strike back as Matt sloppily stood and turned away. Matt’s delusion of heroics had left him as he had bit down on the man’s leg. As Matt limped he felt ugly wash through him as a sort of terrible spiteful happiness. He was victorious or at least the one able to walk away, which was close enough. The woman was gone and Matt was soon to be hurting again but the moment felt good.

Matt had met a lesser man inside himself and Matt was not afraid. This was of course a mistake on Matt’s part.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Matt
    Jan 04, 2011 @ 12:23:19

    If for no other reason than my name is Matt Sinclair, I enjoyed reading this.


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