After 2012

It came on a Tuesday. We all thought we would meet the new age with fear and anger. We didn’t expect the laughter. On December 21, 2012 time ceased. With no rational measure or perceived placement of points in motion life continued. People died and people were born and on more than one occasion people celebrated their fifty-fifth birthday before they were born. We watched our friends die and then we promptly took the recently unceased out drinking to celebrate their eventful lives. There we stood stripped of watches and calendar, looking into the naked here-eternal. We could do nothing but smile.

There was no war. There was still violence but it was impossible to turn those short exclamations into a long drawn out conflict without a timeline to operate in. The psychopaths among us found themselves in their own personal Valhalla. I remember one day, Carl, a friend of mine, took a beautiful Franciscan throwing ax that he had just plucked off a battlefield and gave my head some very noticeable cleavage. Next day we awkwardly exchanged pleasntries over a pizza. Let me tell you an ax through the head hurts like, well it’s peerless in that respect. It was nothing compared to realizing that your murderer is not really a bad guy. He’s just another guy that’s been released of all those practical concerns. Heard he’s pretty good in a fight now. Best of luck to the man, he certainly paid his dues: must’ve his dead body a good twenty times.

On December the twentieth George was eight years old. When I met him he was more…mature. Of course I’m not quite sure if any of us really aged during our absence. Maybe we just kinda decided when we want to be. I sure didn’t go into the void with this goatee but can’t imagine shaving it. Anyways George is a good guy and you would probably like him. We’d get hungover, drink ourselves silly and then go to the bar for some beers. Sometimes we would just stay in and watch a movie.

I also remember Charlene. We were so deeply in love and it was the kind that lasted. God we probably had two diamond anniversaries. Yet the center could not hold and we finally drifted apart. I guess the fact that she born during the Korea and I was born during Grenada proved to much of a generation gap.

Movies, books, and such gave rise to a peculiar phenomena. It was found that given proper reason we could draw out moments into a relevant sequence. I remember Lawerence of Arabia in perfect sequence, despite the fact that I had never seen prior to the absence. I can recite to you verbatim Their Eyes Were Watching God from men’s ships at sea to the final word.

This phenomena pretty much ended the absence. As we focused more and more on single moments, we began lining them up in relevant passages. First it was like looking at a scrapbook, moments that seemed to contain related material were sloppily put together with wanton abandon. Then we sat back and started to place the moments in relevant order. Luckily I never put too much thought into that time Carl killed me and it was never placed in the line. Regardless, the timeline was now intact and our world was cemented. It was year zero.

By decades end we had planes, trains, and automobiles. Oddly it was in that order, we were more interested in flying than going in straight lines. Of course before all that we reinstated the internet. If we were to be forsaken to linear time, we were most assuredly in need of youtube. There aren’t as many skyscrapers as before. We’re just not as interested in spending twenty years of our lives building things big like our forefathers were.

Time sadly goes on and what used to be fact has now been relegated to an old man’s religion. None of the new generations believes and the trudge through their days mostly miserable, unsure of their own relevance. We want to reassure you all and say yes you are special but so do all parents. You kids will do fine, we did pretty well before and so did are parents. How ever let me leave you with a word of comfort. It will all end better than you think it will and when that happens, I’ll be there.

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