Cody Yuen’s Big Bang

Cody Yuen was two women deep in a beast with fifteen legs. In the blindness of the menage, he felt both alive and without control. Among reaching groping hands, swelling members and warm cavities Cody felt certain that this was the big bang. Gases expanding violently, vibrations, it was all there and soon enough the universe would split apart, tired and separate.

They writhed and squeaked but mostly they just moved slightly and rhythmically. It was a quick, consistent and persistent pounding from all possible directions. It was like turning heavy metal to the lowest possible audible setting. They were not separate people, not right now. They were one and in this oneness there was love.

If he could be this forever, he would. He would forsake his illustrious minor league baseball career. He would never speak to his family again. He would leave everything that was not inside this warmth. I was all he needed and for the time it existed, it was all he was. There could be nothing but happiness in the moment, he was sure.

Then Mr. Parker, his eighth grade language arts teacher came to the front of Cody’s mind with a timely bit of a poem that Cody didn’t want to hear.

Nothing gold can stay.

Cody could kill Robert Frost if he wasn’t already dead. Truer words were never spoken. The menage a lot began to split and break away. An hour passed and Cody was alone in his room. He longed for the time when they were one and wondered when it would come to pass again. The off season was always too damn long.