To Build A Smoke

“You just don’t have faith in me anymore.”

“Well, when a man sees his best friend try and light a cigarette with a striking flint, faith can be a casualty.”

Steve was kneeling, with his head hanging precariously over the stockman he was striking on the flint. A man, a knife and a piece of flint were all working in cacophony towards the singular goal of nicotine. Dale sat a good three feet away on the same stone bench, look upward, southward, northward looking any ward except the ward to his left. He had alcohol pads and his phone at the ready for the eventual emergency that was to befall Steve.

The red hot sparks and the sound akin to nails on a chalkboard made mental vagrancy difficult but Dale was an enduring champion at the sport. All the pending emergencies in Dale’s life had given him the keen ability to disengage from the moment; to live outside the now and make the whole of the disaster a to do list. After he was done dialing 911 in a hypothetical scenario somewhere deep in his mind, he began making a grocery list.

With time remaining, he lamented about his current self made rut. He could always get a new friend, a trendier friend but Steve would always be his best friend. If I already have a best friend, what would be the point of getting another one? In a sad sigh, he realized that was not a rhetorical question. The point was that friends were a good thing and one should have as many as possible.

In this capacity, Steve actually exceeded Dale. Steve had friends everywhere, thanks to an infectious smile and his uncanny ability to agree with everyone and piss off no one. For all, his deductive fallacies and logic flaws, he was somehow charming and friend to the friendless.

“Ow. Bit my tongue.”

Lit cigarette in mouth Steve was victorious but suffering all the same. Dale was just all too happy not to go to the hospital.


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  1. Carson Margedant
    Jan 21, 2011 @ 11:57:58

    Spam said it liked the technique used in this post, said it would try it. Now, you are all welcome to try this but I can recommend lighting a cigarette with a striking flint.


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