Morgan Takes His Medicine

The potion sank down Morgan’s esophagus. It had been months since Morgan had talked to Beverly and he had come to terms with the fact that Beverly was more than likely not interested in him. He had taken to experimenting with drugs, strange hallucinogenic substances that Dr. Salinger had deemed to damn dangerous to drink herself. This potion was bitter and seemed to have the only effect of giving Morgan the delusion that everyone around him had gigantic breasts. Dr. Salinger regarded this as a success, although Morgan couldn’t get over the back problems.

A month ago, Morgan had a desk and a salary. Today Morgan had breasts that were gradually disappearing as a fine pink yonic flavored mist covered the clinic. Morgan tasted womanhood and was happy. Dr. Salinger said that this was also expected. The good doctor expected much from this experiment. Morgan was not about to disappoint.

Virginia Salinger’s curly brown hair waved through and through and Morgan became convinced that the good doctor had snakes in her hair. He was slowly being hypnotized by them.

“Dr. Salinger have you ever been in an intimate relationship?”

“Well if you have to ask, I guess I can count this one.”

“Wait, we’re in a relationship?”

“I’ve experimented on you, I’ve given you money, how many more ways can I say I love you.”

“Wait does that mean you love Frieda?”

“I don’t pay Frieda, she works for me out of fear of death. I installed an explosive device in her.”

“And Murray?”

“I swear to god I never reciprocated.”

“Wow this is great, somebody loves me. Isn’t that great giant rainbow colored iguana?”

The iguana only stared into the dark recesses of Morgan’s soul as it usually did. Somewhere in the back of Morgan’s mind Dr. Salinger was running at Morgan in a flower filled meadow. In that cartoon cliché daydream within an acid trip Morgan slightly questioned the reality of a doctor professing to love him after experimenting on him.

“Are you sure you love me Doctor Salinger?”

“Yes, but I’m not a real doctor.”

Hot damn, I’m reassured.


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