The Maddest Kind of Love

“Ain’t it always funny how people tend to fall into each other.”

In the darkness, Virgina was pouring herself a drink. The ice cracked under the weight of two fingers of Irish whiskey. She was getting herself together, and not listening to the man handcuffed to a wooden chair. It was apparent that Robin Wood was alive and awake but not quite sure why.

“Well, this is the end of me.”

The blood dripped from above his temple. It was a wound that might involve shaving a bit of that Sampson’s mane the man had to make way for stitches. Best to kill him now, but it wasn’t up to her. He still had words hidden somewhere in his sweet head and her job was clear. Her feelings were another matter, entirely.

“I swear I didn’t know. I mean how could I?”

“You told me you were a technician.”

“Well I am, it’s just the instruments I use and the machines I work, are more intimate.”

“No, my dear you are an artist.”

He was laughing, with a gash in the head and his whole life flashing before him. She could hate his chin, it was too large. She could hate the stocky build, the big muscles were no good for snuggling. She could hate his eyes, they were baby blue and deceitfully innocent. She just couldn’t hate the laugh. Something about that undying humor was just impossible like an endearing Cthullu, making her mad in beautiful ways.

He in turn was staring at a woman who had worked him over for a good twenty minutes before he passed out. She was standing on a plastic tarp with cheap sneakers and clothes bought used and maybe in bulk. Her raven black hair, encapsulated a slight face that doesn’t seem capable of the comprehension of such a dark and twisted knowledge. Her body was slight as well but painful enough when she wanted it to be.

“If we go any further down this path, you won’t come back all together. You lose bits of flesh, you lose teeth, but most of all you lose your mind.”

“Just tell me when you’re ready.”

She walked as close as she ever dared to a man she worked on. She kissed him thrusting her tongue into his mouth with imperfect technique. She was inside him as long as she could muster and then pushed herself off him with a palm to his chest. She walked back to the desk behind him. She drank the rest of the now diluted drink. Off the desk, she grabbed her tools in their neat leather roll.

Virginia dropped them on the night stand next to Robin. She unfurled the roll and began taking inventory of where exactly everything was. Robin recognized an exacto knife, various dentist equipment and a little saw that worried him greatly. Being an immovable object is Hell, just ask him.

“Now, I want you to keep that kiss in your mind. I want you to keep every puppy’s lick, every damn part of you you can really. When they’ve got what they want, I want they rest of you.”

He would try, they all did but Virgina might just let this one. Love is kind but Virginia was new to kind.