His Powerful Eyes

“What if the stars go away?”

Young Catlin looked up at her father with curiosity and slight distant fear. Five years old, her head was full of jagged facts that never quite fit into her soft notions of the world around her. Today, she was greeted with the uncomfortable statement that all things end. Barry cursed public broadcasting for putting him in this predicament.

“Then I will look up and they will come back.”

Catlin smiled, she was satisfied in the reaffirmation that her father was great. She put the day behind her with all it’s gnawing new questions tucked away in the less ventured parts of her mind. For the moment, she had her answer. My dad has powerful eyes. She drifted off.

Barry rose from his daughter’s bed and closed her door behind him. He found his own smile, a slight smirk really. The things that children dwell on can really be quite silly. With food, shelter and warmth in hand, his daughter’s was groping for something to fear. It’s a strange comfort to be sure. He descended the stairs in a slow rhythm.

As he came to the nook in the kitchen, he noticed his wife Samantha. Her eyes were sunk deep into the pile of paper that constituted the table. Her mind was in the throws of bills and debt. He sat down on the other side obstructed by the correspondence of banks and hospitals.

“What’s troubling you?”

“What if we can’t pay the mortgage?”

“Now when Catlin says things like this it’s understandable. You are my wife Samantha, you should put away such childish doubt. Have you lost faith in me?”

“No, I guess not. I’m just tired.”

“It’s okay honey, just remember to pray before bed.”

She was already doing just that her hands assembled with the steeple almost to her nose .

Oh Barry, deliver me from usury and keep us safe.

“Bless you.”

It had taken some time for Samantha to understand that Barry was the one and true God but now, she found it so convenient. While other’s communions are abstract ceremonies, Samantha could talk to Barry any time she wanted. He was a good god, and sometimes he would even let her out of the house.


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