If The Sun Should Thunder


From: moonconqueror@email <Delilah>            5:48 Saturday, Jan 22, 2011

Subject: It’s the end of the world my dear

If the impossible happens, if the sun should thunder and shake the ground, if our very axis should tilt, know that this is your fault. You decided that your career was more important than me. Gotta serious question for you, is your career more important than everyone?

On December 24th, you turned away from me. You left me on Christmas Eve, right before my parents came home. I was crying and they were condescending. It took all I had not to test out my experimental plasma cannon on Dad. You almost made me kill me father. Are you happy with yourself?

So, I finally put my doctorate in evil science to use. I’m building myself a doomsday machine. Can’t get into the particulars quite yet but it’s got a lot of magnets and it’s output is measured in the terrawatt territory. I’m going into the land of mad science and I don’t think I’m coming back.

Now all this said, I don’t really want to destroy the world. I just want you and I’m willing to threaten all life we know of in order to get you. Came back to me Pete, you can’t turn away from this. Plus, you can’t do any better than me either.


PS. I ask for no less than four months of total subservience. I will have a plus one for my sister’s wedding or so help me the thunder will come.