Our Champion, Our Monster

Naked except for the blood across his chest and the ancient pair of yellowed briefs, he is victorious. With arms wide open, he lives in our roaring love. She is not long for this Earth. Her black hair falls down her body all the way to the large deep gash, where her intestines spill from. The purple blouse is ruined. He preforms the estocada and ends the silly cow. She was nineteen.

She had moved spryly. It was clear that she had athletic training before, but nothing all that martially practical. She had fought well but not well enough to live. Nature has no pity, and neither does the crowd. She is put on the ground like all unworthy dogs. He has a moment’s pause that we can’t quite discern the reason to. He stares at the brown that coats the brick wall.

We are told these things had names before, but we give them new ones. He is called Champion, a name more apt than anything the bitch that birthed him could grasp. 25, 5”11, 170 lbs, he is all sinew and sharp edges. From the same streets we took her, he came some eight years ago, young and fresh.

The crowd at first did not take to him. Sure he survived his daily duels but there was no finesse, no conviction to his kills. Somewhere in his second year of his new life, he gained his rebel yell and the crowd fell in love.

Our we not great? We have taken a gas station attendant and made him a warrior and a living god. We scream until we our hoarse, we throw roses at his feet and some even make it through the fence. In his own time, when he is as full of our love as he should want he leaves the arena. Two guards take the remains of the woman soon after. Then they take sponges to the cement to rid it of any blood.

Soon, a new fight begins. They are both new meat. They circle each other over and over again. Their knives are drawn but close to their body. They are nervous, the first time everyone is nervous. They are both just women, not a year later. The blond is 5”11 and mostly muscle. She is pensive. The brunette is 5”3 and she wears pensive well. We know the difference, she will go far in her new life.