It was just off, it lacked a certain sweetness. The marinara was serviceable but not really unique, not up to the par of La Castra Vita. Eugene Parks had been managing the restaurant for years and had tasted the problem before. Donald had taken a suitor and was no longer a virgin. The marinara would suffer until Eugene could find replacement blood. Luckily, Eugene always had a list of candidate at the ready.

Later, Eugene would hurriedly made a very ill advised ad on Craig’s List after he found out the replacement was disqualified in the same action.


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  1. Carson Margedant
    Feb 10, 2011 @ 08:15:38

    If anyone from across the pond is wondering what marinara is, it’s bolognese sauce without the meat. If anyone in America is wondering what bolognese sauce is, it’s meat sauce. The reason why it’s not called bolgnese here is probably because bologna is a somewhat maligned lunch meat here. Also, if you’re actually Itallian, it’s called pummarola.
    That’s not exactly true, marinara doesn’t usually have milk. At least I’ve never seen a recipe that calls for it. However I like circuitous definitions.


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