She Trips, He Falls

Over the rainbow through syringes less than sanitary, she was gone. Felicity was a mumbling mess with momentary bouts of something close to lucidity. As usual, Charles was there waiting for the girl of his dreams to stop flying so fast. He wondered how many years he had spent babysitting Felicity’s vacant body as she tripped darkly, lightly and in any which shade.

Ten years. It had been ten years since had been pulled into the weighing gravity of her ongoing beautiful catastrophe. She was still young and still beautiful at thirty three where as he was the same age but grayed and feeling cheated. Just once, he’d like to be the one who was somewhere bright, warm and indecipherable. He had more the tendency to just sit in his place and grow deep.

The apartment itself was rustic, rusty and dissolving. The white paint was cracked revealing older coats of the same. The wood floors were warped, rippled and just beat to hell. She had the bed, while he sat in his chair observing her. One day. this wouldn’t be enough. One day, he would want fame, success or maybe just normalcy. He may just leave her so that he can finally become manager at the grocery. He sat, pretending to look down the road not taken.

As the big hand met the small hand at five, she came down pleasantly.

“Where were you?”


“How was it?”

“It’s always beautiful in spring.”

He let a small smile slip but said nothing

“I’m trying honey. I really am.”

He shook his head and realized he couldn’t pass up the sucker punch.

“Felicity, you are always trying.”

She was unable to find a proper retort. The conservation sat prone on the floor for five minutes.

“Get dressed, we’re going out.”

“Oh, where?”

“Charming little bistro on the corner, has paper hats and kids meals.”

So they left for higher society.


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