That Awful Sound

I know where you went wrong, you got drunk without me. Larry found you at the bar and gave you a lift. You’re so trusting and stupid when your drunk. Larry doesn’t really like us and sober you knew that but you of the whiskey was having a hard time putting things together. He took you down a road you never been where his friends were waiting. They took their time on you.

Larry left an image of his pretty pimp ring in your purple black tapestry, I know he was there. Now as to his friends, I’ve put some thought into that. Steve was there, he might as well be on a leash. Jerry was there, he hated us, hated our love, hated the way we lay. The rest I don’t know yet.

My better half is gone and I’m left with just plain old dirty me. I’ve counted to ten and then a hundred and then a thousand. I am finally cool and I find I can not allow this to pass without acting. Jack I know you hated my wrathful ways and I swear I won’t let it take me like it use to. There are three men that I must kill and then I can sleep.

I’ve measured my hatred and it fits nicely into a little less than a quarter inch circumference. Those little pieces of hate fit into an odd little zig zag column fifteen deep. I’ve put together three of these columns. I’m loading that little pink pistol I got you for your birthday. Your smiling at me from the coffee table and I’m smiling right back but mine’s got teeth.

I remember that first time we met when I got you in the shoulder. I saw your hazel eyes and I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t deprive the world of your beautiful wispy bright red hair. I remembering that quivering lip. When I punched you in the shoulder, I had no idea you bruised so easy.

We had a good run and cosidering what I use to do I deserved none of it. You however were innocent to my transgressions. You were only guilty of loving someone with sharpened bones and twitching reflexes.

There’s going to be noise tonight, an awful sound that will be quickly forgotten in the distant emergencies of sirens. I’m going to kill these men and then I’m going to get on with my life. I swear, I will live again. I gotta go now, first murder, then sleep.


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