Stacy Lives In Taiga, North Of Murder

Taiga is a place of pine, cold and few people. It’s far away but right now, Stacy thinks it’s the best place for her. There aren’t many words to say to Jason, he won’t listen anyways. Things have moved past that. Jason won’t ever talk to Stacy again. In truth, Stacy doesn’t think she deserves to be heard but Jason deserves an apology, so here goes.

“I’m sorry, but I told you to stop doing that.”

The fillet knife is three feet from him on the checkered floor. He’s sitting with his back to the faucet. The dripping reminds Stacy of the mess currently on the floor. She thinks of mop but somehow it seems rude. She’d be cleaning him up; removing him from the tiles after destroying him. She’s going to stay in this moment a bit longer.

She has trust issues and reflexes honed for the dark alleys that have wronged her. Those don’t excuse her. He had a great smile and the misfortune of not announcing himself before going in for a hug. She turned and stabbed moving up from under the ribs. He has nothing now, not a damn thing to his name except maybe an obituary.

Stacy gets cold at some point during the call. She stays cold in the court. During the five years with good behavior, she’s gone north. After the five years, her body follows and she breaks parole for the Yukon. He still won’t talk to her.


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