Traveling Double Blind Towards Cosmic North

I Love Krathtor was on. The English subtitles ran across the bottom of the screen. Apparently Krathor was working on a scheme to stop Ugo from leaving Krathor for another female. It was one of the few Shungarian shows that actually worked for human humor. The dish was always scanning for new material, reorienting to it’s North, the Shungari home world.

Sally had watched the show every day of the last week, looking at Krathor’s beautiful tenth tentacle in awe. If Sally had never joined the Cosmonautical Exploration and Observation Service (CEOS for short), she would never have even looked at a Shungari (sort of looks like a squid and a chimpanzee mated) much less be able to judge it by such an exclusive social concept as beauty.

Sally’s job was not just to be a couch potato but to examine the media of this new species in detail. On the CEOS Divining Horseshoe’s DVR, she was tasked with forty hours of collected broadcasts. Among the sports, sitcoms, dramas, music and three hours of cowbells interspersed with laughter, she was to learn as much about their culture as possible before first contact. What she knew so far was that they liked the sound of cowbells and used what looked like lipstick as mascara.

Her official observations were then recorded and submitted. The moment she submitted the review, it started its long voyage south addressed to a government agency that could very well be four hundred years disbanded. They didn’t call it the double blind throw for nothing. Earth had no idea where she was going until they got her report. She on the other hand, would probably never know what happened to humanity.

“Can you believe we’re fifty years from them?”

Boris was working the next shift.

“Shit, has it really been three weeks?”

“Yep, time to get frosty.”

“Damn it, I didn’t even get to shower.”

“I’m aware, get frozen.”

She started off back to the tubes but something came to her.

“You know, they could all be dead by now. I mean they’re atomic age now.”

“We made it through, have faith.”

“I’d rather a shower.”

“Well I can’t help your time management skills, and I won’t have you sucking anymore of my air.”


She walked back to her bed, knowing that when she woke up, the Shungari home world would actually be visible. How she yearned for that dot.