The Ecstasy Of Groceries

What I’m about to do is very stupid and I don’t recommend no one in the audience should try this. I’m on the floor, with two items more than I’m supposed to have in express lane. I’m loosing blood and all I’m thinking is that this seems to be taking an awful long while. I don’t think I’ll actually get to buy my milk today.

He’s got himself a stocking cap over his face and a gun in his hand. He shot me cause I screamed like a little girl when he pulled it out. I sorta crumbled on the floor and he turned his attention back to the cashier who was just waiting for the thief to empty the till sitting on the counter. He starts filling a paper bag from this very establishment.

Then I start hearing it. I know the sad mournful beginning. I know a woman is about to start singing without any words. I know that when she hits that high note, the world is going to turn on it’s head. No one else seems to hear it, so I guess this is my moment.

I get up, which is amazingly easy considering. I’m standing and he still hasn’t turned back to me. He’s preoccupied until my right fist goes into his left temple. The gun remains on the checkout counter, right next to the card reader. He’s disarmed and a little flabbergasted but his surprise doesn’t last long, he gets me in the chin. I answer with my left in his stomach and a knee to his head. The fight is over and I’m now realizing that the knee was a really bad idea.

The moment is gone now and I will know no twin of it. For a few fleeting seconds, I was The Shopper With No Name and I was happy. I do wish I could hear her again.


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