A Disastrous Misinterpretation of 1984

The room where there is no darkness, I read those words so many times. I kept on reading them over and over again. I couldn’t fathom such a bulb, such a place or even such a thing. I had the strangest feeling that if I could find that place I would know Heaven. I wanted to know this place so badly.

I know that Orwell intended it to be a dystopian future, but the phrase had me. When I walked home from middle school that evening, I fantasized about being covered in brightness, a certain truth that nothing could hide from. Nothing would dare come at me with this bright unyielding light. I was just holy and invincible to this world.

I never did read the rest of 1984 but it set me on my path. In high school, I became obsessed with the truth. I joined the newspaper and released exposé after exposé, showing every dirty little secret I could find. I was thrown off the paper but I still needed to know the truth. That’s how I decided on my current career path.

Oh God I’m prattling on! And look at that, the car battery is charged. Back to work for me and you. No more of this stalling, just tell me what I want to know. You know how much it will hurt if you don’t. I do enjoy my work but I want to get home too, just like everyone else with a job.

I do wish this room wasn’t so dim.


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