A Sad Strange Cello, A Yellow Suit, A Gray Street

The sad strange cello called to her with powers that Felicity can not yet understand. The strings produce a life of their own. It was born softly and the rises came slowly. Then the bow came back to the center faster and faster still. Always with those imperfect notes, always with those near misses that almost send the piece crashing to the ground. Yet, it lives.

It goes on in sad deep resonance. Felicity begins to wonder if she will echo in time. She stares at the world beyond her two ears, beyond those two speakers. The mp3s run dry and Felicity is left in silence with no one else around. Outside the cleanliness of her plastic yellow suit the world is still and dead for at least fifty more years. The grocery store is two miles away.

There was a gas station and there were children. She can see the marks of their passing. She can even see their passing in the shadow scorched in the cement. It’s a cruel cameo that surely any child could do without. Still, up ahead is the grocery store and the gray levels are promising. Perhaps, she will find canned food, perhaps she will be a hero.

It seems silly, she used to walk to the grocery store all the time.


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