Love, Murder and the Sin of Cowardice

The rain was dying and coming back, each new wave with diminishing returns. The world was muddy and soon to be green. Carlos walked down Tenth, head to the ground as always. He was failing at being an island despite being surrounded by puddles.

The eyes are the windows to the soul and that’s why Carlos prefers to wear shades. With his blue hood over his head he moved through the world with spectator written down ever muscle of his body and down into the white soles of his dirtied kicks. She wasn’t his, she was of spheres above him but she was right next to him. Kelly stayed with him matching step for step.

He thought he would free her from this cold place, but something cowardly and selfish took hold of him. He couldn’t leave this woman’s bitten lip, her purple eyes. He couldn’t bare to see her spirit rise into the heavens where it belonged. She was his and he was hers. All prior duties were drifting into the horizon, being blown away by the turbulent pounding between his lungs. They were and as far as he was concerned they would be for as long as he was able.

As the sun came back, Carlos felt Melissa and Ellen’s gaze in the warm light. He knew they disapproved. They were free now and they knew what a sin it was to keep Kelly from her true state. He was such a shameful creature; he couldn’t even bring himself to carry a plastic bag with him anymore, much less duct tape.

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