The Toothy Specter In The Second Bedroom

You’d think that it’s bright red eyes were something you could never adapt to, but Jill was getting accustomed to the company. She had been lonely before, but now in the face of a toothy specter she had found a friend. The rent for her apartment was amazing and she didn’t mind sharing.

In her haunted two bedroom on the east side, he was the second bedroom. The sun was not welcome in his room. Despite a lack of curtains or blinds, light never came in. There was a substance there which when inhaled felt heavy in you. There was a whisper which was always just too faint to hear. There was a laugh which stuck in you like the scent of septic.

Jill would come home and walk into it’s waiting heavy hands. For two hours, she would speak every ill, wrong thought and terrible impulse she had. It would consume and she would release. It was all so beautifully symbiotic.

Of course, she wasn’t the only flavor it had want for and she was always one to oblige a friend. Other people had dark wrong things in them and the room was so very hungry. They would cry and they would scream as their worst moments were put before them, regurgitated for his pleasure. As the screams relinquished, she would gather them up and deposit them back where she found them.

These people would get on with their lives, a weight lifted along with a little piece of them ripped out along the way. If she met one on the street, she would smile knowingly. She knew everyone but no one knew why.