The Sudden And Untimely Birth Of Catherine Jenkins

The sudden and untimely birth of Catherine Jenkins was mourned by many as the death of Mary Jenkins’ social life. She was a messy thing and full of poop and slobber. Catherine did have beautiful green eyes, but with the advent of contact lenses that was less than impressive. Really, Catherine added nothing to the social circle.

Gerald wanted to kidnap the child and sell her to pirates. Felicity thought that the kid would make a divine ottoman, although was quickly proven wrong in demonstration. Elliot just sweared at the creature. He tried nor to laugh in the process.

Mary herself had made her peace with the newborn. Between the sixth grade and her high maintenance clique she was a part of, she had no time for vendetta. In time, Catherine would grow and stop wearing diapers. Mary didn’t as much know this as hope this.

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