Jessica Wanted Stars

She’s seen the lights come down to the ground and she is as good as gone. Like a good number of our young and able, Jessica is leaving for better options in more urbane star systems. The corn fields will have to wait a lifetime or two to be tilled, Jessica is on a long trip.

She’s running through the wet grass and I’m following her. The captain needs able workers on the cheap, and they don’t come cheaper than us. We’ve got nothing and barely anyone. Jessica is the only thing I care for on this Earth;but Jessica doesn’t care for anything here. I’m pretty sure that she’s got the short end on that subject.

Her hair drops flat upon her shoulders as we cross the hill and find a hundred like minded individuals vying for a seat. We walk down and slowly weasel our way through the crowd until we can see the captain. He is a gray fellow with whiskers like a catfish. With long arms he reaches out at the crowd and these little cameras come flying out of the ship’s hatch and start scanning us.

One by one, the crowd is asked to leave through polite but terribly bad English. We’re thinned down to twenty one. Only those most fit and those cheapest to feed are left. The latter is me and Jessica The captain announces he wants twenty. Lucky me, I’m number 20 and Jessica is 21.

Nice guy that I am, I decline. Jessica thanks me, hugs me, kisses me and rushes through the hatch. The gate closes and I’m running away from a vertical takeoff as fast as I can. I’m hoping she will remember me but I know there are no guarantees in life.

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