See my body off of I65

My life’s end is a little off I65 in Jeffersonville, Indiana. There’s no symbol for a legend or cross to remember me but there this feeling if you pass by that your breath is being sucked out and your about to die. That’s me, my last act on this Earth. I’m trying to live and it’s not working.

My original problem was the bullet that was in my side,; it hurt, a lot. Then there was the blood, which must have been assisted by a very rude hollow point. After the blood, I just went cold. Someone complained about the smell and so someone cleaned me up and took my body down to the morgue. All that effort and I couldn’t even take my wallet with me. Not that I need a condom anymore.

I wish I had complied with the mugger. I wish I had just given him my five dollars. Most of all, I wish I hadn’t been shot. Sounds obvious, but getting shot hurts pretty bad. As for dying, I’d recommend against it.

Can I hitch a ride to Louisville with you?

C’mon man, it’s just a bridge.

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