A Man On The Run From Mint Chocolate

Somewhere in the inky black of night there Dennis knew a woman was crying. Dennis was running with his all but he couldn’t escape her. Deborah needed ice cream and Dennis just couldn’t handle it anymore. That sound, that awful sound, he couldn’t return. It would be hard making a new life for himself but Rusty Harrington wasn’t prone to these sort of problems.

Rusty knew that there was a grocery open that had pints of mint chocolate but he needed that a lifetime ago when he had a girlfriend. Rusty was headed for Mexico, by way of New York. It wasn’t quite clear why he was running east, but he couldn’t stop. Though his chucks were dying and his legs were following Rusty had to keep moving.

As he saw the brilliant neon he realized that his feet had lead him to the grocery. He knew this to be the voodoo of Deborah. She was always playing mind games with him. Truly, there was no crueler puppet master than Ms. Faraday. He would get her ice cream, he would return to the life of Dennis Grant and he would further subjugate himself to the tyranny of love but one day he would break free.

…Two hours earlier Deborah Faraday had said she liked mint chocolate ice cream. Her boyfriend had left promptly for important business. She was sure he was seeing someone else.