My Love Is Wrong And My Labido Is Worse

It’s alright, I know that I’ve messed up for the last time. I know we’re done you and me but I still want to look at you with your dewy terror riddled eyes. I just had to see you one more time at your most beautiful. I love the way you look right now.

This whole sickness started in the pinto six months ago, when the semi met us on that lonely stretch of highway. Do you remember that look you had. We were slightly tapped by a freight liner and spinning like a dervish full of glass. Your eyes were bursting as if thirsty for a final drink of this Earth. Your mouth quivered and we made love right then and there with the sirens coming.

Deja vu, right? They’re getting close but I don’t think they’re coming for me. We got a bit more time. Ever since that near miss with death, I’ve found it’s the only thing that excites me anymore. You remember the barbecue right? That plate I gave you? The third degree resulting there in? Yeah, I loved that.

Anyways, I wanted to get my last drink too. I don’t think I can be around you anymore. Don’t worry the joints on that chair are pretty weak. Shouldn’t take much more than a few hours to get out. I still love you, but my love ain’t exactly healthy for either of us.

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