The Surrond Sound Interfered With Relativity

The movie ended well before you were born. They won their shiny awards and went on with their lives. Hell, most of them died before you were five. Your watching it now and the movie is just beginning. I’m noticing a problem with the signal quality and I think it may be the time space continuum. Silly red and blue glasses be damned, we’re having problems with 4D.

I shouldn’t have bought the Dolby System, pretty sure that’s what sent you over the edge. The surround sound was just too much immersion. I’ll make sure to change the settings to stereo once I get your wave function good and collapsed. I really wish you’d stop fading in and out of existence, it’s giving me a headache.

I guess the first thing I could try is to point out that you’re trying to be in the wrong time period. Yes the movie takes place in World War I, but the it was made in the sixties. Also, it’s fictionalized, these aren’t the events as they happened. Thirdly, oh hell, you’re not even listening. I’m just going to turn off the power.

Last time I watch a David Lean movie with you I swear.