The King Of Rainbow Death

In the land where rainbows kill, the man who has the best prism is king. His name is Gumdrop and he sits upon a throne earned in blood, or actually the pink sparkly stuff that serves as a substitute in that land. His hair is blond and long, His build is slight but athletic. His hands are almost effeminate and his southpaw holds the very reigns of the kingdom, a flashlight with the great prism on a chain. How he came to be ruler of a kingdom full of giant ferrets that spoke Esperanto was a story of equal parts insanity and adventure.

Great men can come from anywhere, from the post office to Cyprus. Gumdrop came from The Mojave Desert where he was Greg Lawson, mild mannered dehydration victim. While digging, madly groping at the Earth for water, he found himself a door. It was flush, as if secret. In hopes of water, he crawled down the hole. He belly flopped four feet on to soft, almost muddy ground. The noon sun’s light peaked in through the open door and betrayed a river of lavender something moving slowly.

Greg took deep of the syrup. It tasted sweet and salty, then for a moment of bitter pill dust. It quenched as it fed, and he knew this to be his savior. Once he had his fill of the sustaining stuff, he stared deep into the tunnel as far as he could see. There was a light barely visible beyond a bend upstream. With his flashlight retrieved from his backpack, he quickly began following the river in hopes of reaching this new place.

Ten feet towards the light, he ran out of land. The slowly moving syrup looked challenging and disgusting but he felt something inside him drive him into the riverbed. Waist deep in syrup river, he trudged forwards towards light and hopefully someone who knew where the nearest the road was. The scent was intoxicating and insidious. It entered his pores and his mind, changing him irrevocably. He became Gumdrop, purveyor of havoc and holder of the light.

His pink filled ascent to the throne was at first an accidental refraction as he wanted to get a closer look at a crystal. The light upon the crystal immediately disintegrated a dignitary who was busy playing in an adjacent shrub. His envoy followed him o their poofy graves soon after they failed to destroy Gumdrop with their own prisms. It continued for some time like that until the king finally abdicated his throne and all the ferrets swore fealty to their new king Gumdrop.

All and all, an eventful three hours.