Turing Approved And Looking For A Scorpio

The restaurant seemed to be in the background as a pause held over Molly and Dave’s head. The air conditioning could be heard loudly and David was trying to listen to it instead of concentrating on breaking through the thick wall of silence between them. It worked for a time, but his tacos al pastor were moving down his digestive tract. Looking at an empty plate seemed silly, and he had nowhere else to look but into Molly’s eyes.

“You are a robot?”


“So, how long was your stay?”

“Stay where?”

“In the mental hospital.”

“For God sake Dave, I’m the picture of mental health,I just had a kernel update two months ago.”

Molly grabbed the butter knife off her plate and jabbed it right into the pit of her left elbow. A strange vapor came from the bottom of her arm. As she rose her upper arm, it was revealed to have three layers. The first seemed to be just like flesh and blood, then a layer of some unidentifiable machined material and then a hollow space around a slender rod and piston. It occurred to David that he had never seen the inside of a human’s arm but he believed her.

She quickly snapped the two hinged piece back together.

“Well, then that happened.”

“Look, it’s not easy to come out to guy.”

“Wait, we’re breaking up?”

“Not unless you want to.”

After slight soul searching, the answer was obviously no. She praised his efficiency in sex and that was rare for women. More over, David’s 90s anime infused upbringing had taught him that robots were sexy. Of course, there were social problems to consider.

“Does this make me an objectumsexual?”

“Wow, bit of a problem there. See, I’m a robot and consider myself to be a living being and you want to sleep with my furniture. Can’t even throw you on the couch, don’t have scotch guard.”

“And so what would I call myself?”


“Please, don’t be obtuse. This is new ground for me.”

“Fine, if you must put a name to it, the accepted term is robosexual.”

David chuckled.

“Least I know you can’t kill me.”

“Hon, the laws are a bit of a touchy subject for us.”

These new social customs were proving difficult to master. There was another awkward silence as David wondered what exactly she was doing in the bathroom in the middle of the night, everynight

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