In Memoriam Of Bill’s Memory

It’s a new day and it’s a new Bill. It’s always a new Bill and that’s the problem. Bill can’t tell you why there is a woman asleep on the floor. There’s a bit of poop smeared on the wall and a little singe right above it. He’s rolling with all the new stuff pretty well, maybe he’s use to it. It’s hard to tell.

Her name is Vanessa and she’s blond and small and beautiful. Her wallet says she’s also an organ donor. Most fortunately, she’s snoring and that’s the real good news. After a while, she might just tell him what happened. It might just give him enough to make a memory out of the few pictures he had in his mind of last night.

It’s awhile before she wakes up and just enough time has passed for him to feel self conscious. She’s looking up now at the man staring at her. There’s a bit of whiskey wafting off her. This might just be the blind leading the blind.

“Um, Vanessa right?”

“Yes.” Her eyes are half open.

“This is your ID, Didn’t take any money I swear.”

“I guess I can trust you.”

“Does that mean you remember me?”

“No, sorry.”

“See thing is, I kinda want to know you. You want to know me?”



“Sounds good, just got to freshen up.”

Vanessa goes into the bathroom to find her pantyhose strewn over the towel rack. She’s reminded of a night that looks like it was fun. Bill’s just holding his head groping for the woman among the harsh light of last night. Soon they are out the door and neither notice that the floor lamp to their left is irrevocably broken. There is a place a block away, Bill can get coffee which sometimes helps. Bill wants Vanessa to stay in him, if only for a little while.

The waiter remembers more than either does about last night, but he is polite and doesn’t bring up such things in public.