The Phantom Glomp

Her touch is still there, five years since they left ways. She is between his shoulders warm in those strange moments when he forgets that it all went wrong. Her breasts and other fatty parts smashed into him and he is cushioned by warmth, body, and love he can touch. As he comes back to the world from his reverie, he feels her absence. It doesn’t hurt as mush as it use to.

Sarah had other features and Justin can remember her dirty blond hair and green eyes. Those however are unimportant things and not what makes him stuck. It’s that running start, that ambush of love. It’s the weight that bared down on him, trusting he would not falter.

Then he did falter, although his body remained strong. Her name was Jessica. She was someone new and he was someone stupid and mean. He actually broke up with Sarah, for a woman he weighed less that a hundred and fifty pounds.

Jessica and Justin are married now and he’s being meaner still. Sooner or later, it will bubble up that he doesn’t love her. The longer he waits, the worse it will be. Yet, he sits and remembers a time when he loved.