What Becomes Of A Broken Toilet?

What becomes of a broken toilet? It gets a trash liner put in it or it gets fixed. Trisha’s has a trash liner, because Trisha doesn’t have the money to dig up her front yard and put in a new pipe. Amazingly enough, Trish is okay with this development. Living in the Victorian Era is a lot easier when you have DSL, natural gas and air conditioning.

Business done, she leaves for her daytime routine of talk shows. Entering the living room, she hears a crashing sound. She promptly retreats back to her bedroom and puts on her sneakers aware that a vase has just broken. With shoes on she walks unafraid of the glass beneath her feet.

In front of her there is a man with a flat screen television, cable and all. He has a mask on but she remembers the ketch up stain on his football jersey. This is Jared and if he wants to stay among the living he will slowly put her LCD back on the table where he found it. She leaves momentarily for the kitchen to retrieve her fillet knife and when she returns the television is back in it’s home and the door is wide open.

As she moves towards a now permanently opened window she finds all the glass taped together in a clump. It was fleeting hint of professionalism that baffles Trisha Oh well, everything has a procedure from broken toilets to asshole ex boyfriends. The piece of plywood is still right next to the window screws and all. Ah, memories. Luckily, Jared doesn’t know she kept her cordless drill under the sofa. Wait, nevermind.

“Son of a bitch!”

Indeed. The cops may get involved this time.