Missle Command

It was a new day and no one knew that better than Ken, the survivor of yesterday. Somewhere in the fire below was everyone he had ever loved, ever known. High atop dangling off a precipice, he stared at the destruction. All around the high ground, the world was gray and smoke. The silos were entirely empty of arms, but no more bombs were coming. Pity, they left one alive.

When the score was tallied, it was found that Ken had lasted the longest. The computer told him he had won, but he maintained that that honor goes to the first man to die. Ignorant of fear and quickly snuffed, seemed better than gold. In the expanse Ken knew there was life but none he knew, none he had sworn to protect.

As he got closer and closer to the edge, he realized that he was feeling very clumsy and very tired. Slowly, he built up the courage to trip down the mountain. It was time to join his friends before he was rewarded with more cities to defend.