The Failure Of A Mixed State Romance

It was hard to run from you; me being just a man and you being an amorphous blob full of unearthly delights. Sadly, I’m prett sure we’re through. When our relationship was new, I was always talking to you about my day and you’d sit there bubbling and I knew everything was going to be okay. You don’t bubble anymore, I think I took that from you.

You remember the first time we met eyes to gelatinous mass in the cellar? Do you remember what you said? Well, I do, it was deep gurgling sound. It was elation and glee. I knew happiness and happiness was you. I should have known that I couldn’t keep that feeling. Maybe I just got too greedy. Maybe I was just too jealous.

See I knew from day one that you had a history with that mold in the corner and I think I let it poison our relationship. I would just sit there and think about you two together down in the cellar while I was at work. It cost me a promotion, I could have been scrubbing toilets by now.

I’ve decided to move out and live underneath a two bedroom. The owners rarely do laundry and the wifi is free. More over, you’re not there and we can be our respective selves. I will miss you but I’ve met some nice substances here and I hope to be happy with them.