Their Romantic Asymmetries


“Hi hon.”

“Cock de la?”

“Don’t be rude.”

This was Victor’s life and Leslie never made it easy. He couldn’t work prepositions and articles were alien but Leslie could do it all from the gendered nouns, to addressing inferiors and superiors. Victor’s English was a Sasha Baron Cohen caricature and Leslie’s Russian was sometimes Potemkin. There was much inequity between them.

“Cock de la?”

“Pretty Harasho.”

Rusglish, she spoke it only to get that that irritated look in his eyes. She had her hands around his shoulders, looking down. This was another one of those inequities she was bringing front and center. He looked up into her sable hair and darker still eyes. She was a calm mountain.

“Ah ewe tebya?”

He thought and arranged carefully the sounds.

“Better every moment.”

There was really only one area where the inequities leaned to his favor. Shad had a small hairy faced Slav with a shaved head and a strange temperate. He had something tall, bountiful, smart and bold. When push came to shove, Victor never felt cheated.


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