Light Years Away, Lisa Is Unbound And Sure To Die.

Lisa was making her way through the forest. She moved quietly as not to disturb any of the bits of the food chain that waited above her with hungry bellies. She avoided the beautiful dew caught in midair, knowing that spiders were tricky things and they could easily drink her dry. When she heard the six rushing paws of a local wolf, she knew to run up a tree quick. When she spied a purple eagle overhead, clearings were no longer safe. The woods were dangerous but death surely awaited for her at home.

Home was with the Bylars who were quee. When she had met the Bylars she was five and she had thought their long green legs and frog like faces odd. The Bylars had found a pink, green eyed, brunette thing, cute and compact. It was the perfect thing to keep Mrs. Bylar company while Mr. Bylar was about. They quickly stole her from her parent’s house and took her stars away. They were yet unaware that little girls grew into women and had no idea that women ate so much. Living on a fixed income, the only solution they found kosher was to destroy the poor teenager and save her the dangers of the forest.

Lisa was not one for this type of mercy and ran as soon as she heard Mrs, Bylar ready her weapon. Lisa knew for whom the plasma rifle charged and she damn sure wasn’t going to be there when the thing went off. Luckily, this was not her first foray into the woods. Loose leashes and Lisa’s unconquerable curiosity conspired to make adventure often. Even so, her bestiary was lacking and her map was missing key features.

However, Lisa soon ran into a beast she was very aware of. For ten years, she heard it scream in the night sharp and as if on fire. She’d felt tremors as it would pass day after day. Animals would run and Lisa would find bits of them later, sinew like confetti. There it was in front of her. A thousand legs moving forwards, propelling something tall, slender and hungry, so hungry. It knew her even without sight or sound. Lisa mused that maybe it just knew where life was and was drawn, attracted by it’s opposite.

She had time enough to muse, but not enough feet to run. She curled inwards making herself as as small as possible, allowing only the kitchen knife she had stolen to protrude. This was Lisa at the cliff’s edge, this was who Lisa was when she could be no one else. There in surely her last vision, a second sun appeared. This one was beneath the tree line and appearing through The Devil’s Own Millipede. In a blink, it was gone.

Mrs. Bylar’s rifle let off a whistle when shot and the whistle brought owner and pet eye to eye. For a second the quee considered firing twice but Lisa was already running and Mrs. Bylar probably didn’t have the heart. This was Lisa’s new life.