Hide and Seek à la Vahalla

You could hear the gunfire from the hallway, you could hear it in the lobby and across the street but no neighbor cared if Lee was shot. The only man who did care was standing next to Lee in the middle of his living room. Benjamin was admiring his grouping in Lee’s center mass. Yet, Ben found offense.

“Six bullets and you still stand? You show my revolver no respect.”

The bullets had pierced every chamber in Lee’s heart and he was having trouble remaining standing. His legs were giving out and Lee backed into the chair behind him. Benjamin was reloading his pistol but he was having trouble finding the bullets. Somewhere among his many pockets there were six more .45 long colts but they were being evasive.

“Ben, I don’t want to play anymore.”

Ben ignored his brother’s whining as he had for centuries past. Lee was always whiny and whimpering until he found that old Savage under the skirt. The moment he has hold of his gun, time out is done and Ben’s legs get shot off. They always grew back but it hurt like hell. The whining was getting to Ben and he was considering ending the match with the butt of his pistol.

“Ben we’re forever, have you ever though of doing something than shooting me.”

Their eyes met and they both remembered the mud, the arrows and those last gasping hopeful breaths. Six hundred years ago, they died brothers in arms. Dying bloody and bloodied, some wretched god had seen fit to make them just blood thirsty in new life. The damn celestial though it a reward. For six hundred years, they hunted each other.

“Hell Lee, what else am I going to do?”

“Fall in love?”

“We tried that remember, I found you clingy and overbearing.”

“I meant with somebody else.”

“Look, I found a bullet, let’s just end this match. Promise I’ll let you get the first shot next time.”

Lee expelled his breath and simply leaned back. His stall tactic was fruitless and the black toyetic German submachine gun was still under the cushion of the sofa adjacent. As the bullet came into Lee’s brain all he could remember was an awful headache.


15-11, Ben was leading four head shots.


The next day Lee awoke and immediately found his Excedrin. Then came a bath and a less blood soaked shirt. He had ten years until Ben came back, perhaps it was time to move to a better neighborhood.