The Alternate Ending For A Romantic Comedy

The sun is dying just the same as me; the difference being the sun gets to rise tomorrow. Myself, I doubt I get another hour. In the fading light, I can see the splotches of red turning to brown on the cement of the outer wall. I’m kneeling facing the wall as I have been told to. There loading their clips right now and I think taking a smoke break. Nicotine would actually feel pretty good. Without nicotine, I turn to some introspection as a distraction from my current dire straits.

The worst part is I didn’t love her. No, that’s the second worst part obviously. The worst part is I never even found her. The third worst part is my impending death. There, now I’ve ranked the worst parts, killed a bit of time, all of fifteen seconds. Damn, bet they’ll take my watch too.

No, no, no, happy thoughts, happy thoughts, I gotta keep positive. Maybe Batman will save me. Yeah, it wouldn’t be hard for him. All Batman would have to do is to already have been tracking me and then somehow learn to actually exist. Damn, I could use Batman right now.

I’d love to see Theresa now, Those red curls, those green eyes, they drove me wild. Drove Me so wild I decided I’d follow her back home. Her homeland hasn’t exactly been inviting to me. To be fair I did kill someone, but he did try first. I guess self defense is the same as an enemy combatant with these guys. Can’t blame ’em really. I really can’t, it’s too much energy.

In fact, I think I’m going to lie down. Hope they wake me if they need anything important.