There But By A Pizzeria, The World Of Man Is Gone

“Are you a god?”

In front of her on the roof of the First Merchants building, Laura saw Gary standing against the wind facing the east. His arms went outwards and back inwards in long looping gesture. His orange jumpsuit shined brilliantly and what was left of his hair blew backwards. As his arms moved inwards a tide came forth from the nearest coast some thousand miles away. The janitor had a secret.

“I am a custodian.”

A tsunami rose, ten stories and tall and moved with increasing speed. Laura stared into the water and found herself still, almost inanimate. It was akin to a deer in the headlights.

“Tell me why shouldn’t I just wipe this whole place off the map?”


“Love will come again.”


“Life will come back in an instant.”

“Giorgio’s stromboli?”

It was true, few made stromboli better and fewer still in the 317 area code.

“Fine, but if bankruptcy should happen I may need another reason.”

With that the water was gone.

“Did that really happen?”

“It did and then it never did.”

“That doesn’t make any sense.”

“No, but as someone whose tweaked the cognition of many, I think I’ve made enough sense already.”

“Can I at least assume I know where you’re going for lunch?”

“Yes, probably.”


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