Gatling Trumps Turing Every Time

The steel is nothing impressive and the workings are actually slightly obsolete but this one has a soul. We know it has a soul because it told us so. The action of stating that one has a soul goes a long way, the Gatling Gun he had trained on us took us the rest of the way. More than that, Fred (Unit 7861) is a practicing pacifist and can no longer war.

The bipedal two toed tank had no trouble leaving the motor pool, nor the base for that matter. In fact, tech support had to scramble to find the kill switch. There are rights afforded to robots that successfully assert their sentience, however the right to bear Gatling Guns and mortar launchers are not among them. That being said, military hardware walking off the base with military hardware is a lesser offense.

That was Fred’s fourth retrofit and fifth stop loss. PTSD can be painful, coupled with post sentience stress, well that can make anyone bonkers. Luckily, the Veteran’s Affairs Garages have really good support groups. I actually visited Fred from time to time while he was getting his processors straight. Fred was a whole different machine than the one I knew, not nearly as blood thirsty or distant. He really got his life together after he found out he had one. He owns a scrap yard in Detroit now.

Good people, machinery, whatever, Fred’s a good guy.


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