A Stone’s Throw From The Lathe Of Heaven

“It’s going to feel like thunder is moving through you but I need you to stay with it. You’ve got to keep that stone in your mind. You’ve got to know every angle of that stone, every texture. Now I want you to look closer, just focus in on it.”

“I’m sorry.” Gary relaxed fearing an aneurysm.

“It’s okay Gary get some water, you look a little dry.”

Gary left the chair and the net of sticky wires for the fountain two stories down. Katherine only sighed, they were so close to really doing something and poor Gary just kept on crapping out. The university wouldn’t fund her forever, not without results. If she could get this right, she could get her own lab and stop using empty rooms in the Humanities Department.

Katherine was forty five and her chances for immortality were slimming more and more every day. She needed a paper, she needed to make an actual impact in the field. It wasn’t her fault that her best and last chance at glory was a simple headed first year philosophy major who wasn’t going to make into his second year of college.

Most of all, she needed to find a place to do her experiments that didn’t have windows. It was a tiny little room in a building full of humanities. This is where there was space; it just happened that it was as far as possible from anything close to being remotely scientific. It also happened that for about five hours every day the sun shone right in the windows. She had to buy curtains with her own money.

When she finally did open the curtains, she found Gary’s fellow philosophy majors. Well, she didn’t know that per say, but they were peeing on the lawn and that was where Katherine defaulted when she saw people who didn’t accept the existence of bathrooms. The lawn was a mess, the grass was high, freshmen running free, weeds everywhere. Right underneath the window there was a pile of rocks three feet deep and three feet wide for no discernible reason.

“Probably a philosophy student.”

It took a full ten seconds for the words to exit her mouth and enter her brain. Then, she was running very quickly down two flights of stairs.

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  1. Carson Margedant
    Jun 06, 2011 @ 08:57:53

    Btw, Lathe Of Heaven is my standard answer to what superpower would you want.


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