The Dropout Box And The Longshot Theory

Back then, before he was dead and she was alone, she and he were they. They were the Robinsons. She had money, he had brains and they shared their resources without restraint. Then he upped and died. It was a long tedious and vicariously painful affair for her. Simply, it was just hell for him. He went where she couldn’t follow. After a few months of that, the Robinsons became Amanda Robinson.

Alone, she gained nostalgia for almost every moment they had. She gained a keener understanding of every little facet of his brilliance, which was sharper in his absence. As she read his papers, his mind sharpened her mind. She found faculties, she swore she didn’t have prior. She thought of his brilliance as something that she had touched so often, as to absorb.

Among the multitude of ideas he had was the dropout box. On the outside it would be a box of 11’X11′, in the interior it would be 7’x7′. The remaining three feet would house a wondrous widget not quite fleshed out in Nathan Robinson’s notes. What was known is that the widget should blink.

When the widget blinks, the box is nowhere and nothing. When it comes back, it is somewhere else, in a newer universe below. That’s how it’s suppose to blink, but the reality is it’s a pipe dream. The widget is more of a concept than an actual device. If one can simply disappear from the universe, there is no guarantee that one come back. Finally, if there is a universe beneath this one, there is no apparatus for navigating around it within the box.

She is currently designing a steering wheel and hoping the rest of it comes in it’s own time. If she can make the widget blink and the box can be nowhere, she might find herself on a newer Earth. There she might find a new Nathan. It’s a theory anyways.


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