Subsituting Plane Crash With Cheesecake

The fork plowed through the cheesecake and the graham cracker crust broke against the stainless steel construction. Tiffany will soon have to to go back to the mountain, where her very costly plane has landed poorly. Right now though, she is enjoying her impeccable memory and her persistent imagination. The delusion itself is of a charming Italian eatery that happened to have terrible food. The cheesecake is her mother’s recipe and a man on the other end of the table is desperately maneuvering his fork for a bit of her dessert. She saw him once in a catalog advertising the very suave suit he is wearing during their lovely delusional date. It’s cold and she’s telling herself that the she’s under the central air duct. From the kitchen she can hear the radio which is broadcasting a baseball game. Currently it’s in the fifth inning and she’s enjoying the game but some man keeps interrupting with his bothersome maydays.




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