Cathy Lieberstein’s Radical Stance

“I don’t believe in killing the Irish.”

This was one of many radical stances that Cathy Lieberstein had. It was really only radical in that she was running for the Indiana State School Board. Prior to this, no one really stated their stance on murder. Mostly they ran with strong stances for vouchers and hot lunches but Cathy really changed the game. No one could even imagine running without stating their position on the murder of the sons of Erin. This in turn boiled down to the politicians belief in the controversial constitutional right to murder*.

For her part, Cathy was at the forefont of the no murder movement in and shoe in for the board. Then she went and flipped flopped on the issue destroying her base of loyal supporters and making her look weak kneed and unable to face the inability to actually do anything meaningful. No one thought she could handle resting on her laurels, not after the poor boy died underneath her car. This is to say nothing of what the Irish community thought of her overall.

So, Cathy Lieberstein proved to be just another politician that couldn’t stand by her principles. For shame.






* If you’re hungover and squint real hard you can see it right between the first and second amendment. It has been jokingly called the nineteenth amendment due to it’s relation to the eighteenth amendment. The actual nineteenth enabled women to vote and was far more real. The Constitutional Right to Murder is fictions and if it wasn’t fictitious it would federal law and therefore not a proper issue to be brought up in a race for a state institution.


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