Mindless Kevin In The Aftermath Of Kevin’s Mindless Consumption

Kevin is happy to be inanimate or at least he’s not protesting. Really, Kevin’s life is probably better now that he doesn’t have one. It was getting harder and harder to balance his social life with his career. Lola, (his fiance of three years) was getting impatient and was soon to leave him. This was still true but Kevin didn’t mind too much. At best, Kevin gurgles and continues existing with no linear memories or emotions. The gray blob at the center of the room was  Kevin. Kevin had an MBA when he was a man and the MBA is still valid, it’s just that Kevin is an inanimate blob of base materials. . That’s what happens when you get in the way of molecular destabilizing current; your MBA becomes moot. Apparently his cellphone was not bluetooth compliant. Also, the molecular destabilizer he had bought for 10.99 really didn’t have any practical applications. Oh well, die and let live I guess.


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