Streetlights Illuminate Me Clockwise

In the strange illumination of the streets, my shadows diverge into three paths. Four o’clock is leaving me to go back to Jennifer. Behind her blue streaked blond hair, she’s crying because I was so stupid as to leave her. I run into the house and kiss every salty tear. We’re there together and it’s not perfect but it’s better than it is alone. We’re warm and alive.

Me at seven o’clock is going to a bar. It’s a hollow place full of people looking to be filled. I drink bourbon, I drink Coors, I drink Katalin’s gloss that tastes like strawberries. In the night, in her apartment, I cum again and again, but I leave her soon enough and rest on the bed next to her. In her I am happy but as with many men, I can’t stay there very long. The next morning we part never to meet again.

Me at twelve is walking forward towards nothing and no one. The other shadows have departed and I’m left with the sad knowledge of exactly where I’m going. No man is an island but I’m beginning to wonder if I’m qualified for that statement. I walk on tired but unyielding into my stupid depressing future.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Carson Margedant
    Jul 02, 2011 @ 15:28:55

    Pretentious but I still like it.


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